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Jacquelyn Soo

Jacquelyn Soo (b.1981) is a Degree (Hons) Fine Art graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore where she received a bursary award and a travel grant to Hong Kong in 2006. Soo's practice range from conceptual art, installation art forms to performance art. Soo has presented drawings, photos, installation and performance art works in Southeast Asia, America and Europe through exhibitions and artist in residency programmes: Youth-to-Youth exchange program in Luang Prabang, Laos; Jatiwangi Artist-in-Residence Programme, Bandung, Indonesia; Open Roads International Performance Art Festival - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Performance in Frames, Bangkok; WEYA World Event Young Artists 2012 Cultural Olympiad Event, Nottingham, UK;; Performance Art in Odd Places Festival in New York City, USA; STOFFestival, Stockholm, Sweden; Nafas Residensi in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; The Artists Village Singapore: Pulau Ubin Residency Programme and recently with Arteles Creative Centre in Finland. Soo represented Singapore for the 1st Jakarta Triennale in November 2013 at Nasional Gallerie, Jakarta. Soo is also the founder of Singapore Contemporary Young Artists (Society) to promote the works of emerging young artists in Singapore.



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