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Isabelle Desjeux

A French artist living in Singapore, Isabelle Desjeux has a PhD in Molecular Biology and a MA in Fine Arts. Recipient of the French Singapore New Generation artists in 2011, she has collaborated with scientists from various countries and exhibited her work internationally (Singapore, Japan, USA). She is the recipient of the Lasalle Fieldwork Research grant for her work on “The Lost Malay Scientist” (2017) and a member of The Artist Village (TAV, Singapore) since 2019.
Desjeux is interested in understanding how science is made and knowledge is acquired, by scientists, students or children and by extension the public at large. Her installations and video installations often recreate laboratories and place the viewer in the position of the scientist conducting the experiment.
Desjeux has also been working with children since 2000, teaching drawing through observation, and scientific methods. Her artistic, scientific and educational practice have merged through a teaching studio of art and science (l’Observatoire) in 2012. Many subsequent artworks have been collaborative and participative. She helped set up Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity (as Creative Director). She currently runs a residency studio at Blue House (pre-school), inviting artists and other creators to share and co-create in a space serving as inspiration to the school community.



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