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Agnes M K Yit

She is one of the active members of Post-Ulu group of The Artists Village Singapore since 1998, initiated and involved in many performance art/video events/festivals/projects from 1999 to 2008, before moving to London in 2008. Before 2008, she has worked as an Interior Consultant for 11 years while actively continue to engage herself in performance art practices in Asia and various European cities.
Agnes is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner, Architecturally-trained and a design practitioner who has been consistently-involved and participated in many regional and international performance art events/festivals in Asia and Europe for the past 12 years. As an artist, she often engages herself spatially with her surrounded environments to generate relationships between the body, people, space and time at a moment of instant specifically relevant to the present. She has consistently been exploring various aspects of expressions and mediums in the experimentations of her works. Most often to communicate and connect with audiences through gestures through performance art-making and also to create spatial awareness in her installation works. She believe in making direct engagement with people/ audiences as they are the 'platforms' which allows her to explore further beyond the body, people, space and time allowed. It is important for her to make awareness to the general public through these engagements as the moments of engagement processes is necessary in performance art. Art-making is linked to her design and architectural practices and through art exchanges with the International Art circuit, has provided many opportunities for her life pursues.


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