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The Artists Village

The Artists Village (TAV) is a contemporary art group in Singapore. Founded by contemporary artist Tang Da Wu in 1988 at 61-B Lorong Gambas in Sembawang. He enabled like-minded contemporary artists to critically re-look and examine existing assumptions, values and concepts of art making in Singapore. The Artists Village was Singapore's first artist colony, which enables artists to explore radical new ways and ideologies in making art that is in sync with the societal changes and state affairs in the late 1980's. From 1989 onwards, the village came alive with avant-garde performances and art exhibitions with 7 art shows that year. At the height of the group’s history, The Artists Village housed and organised up to 80 artists participating in art activities. One of which was the 24-hour art event called The Time Show in 1990. It brought together artists working in all forms of media in one art show. Sadly, the Village's land was repossessed in that same year by the Singapore Government for urban development.


Its objectives are to foster and develop an increased consciousness of the importance of the arts and their contribution to Singapore society. This to be achieved by engaging in active dialogue with the public through the production and exposition of works of art.


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