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The Artists Village

The Artists Village (TAV) is a contemporary art group in Singapore started by prominent artist Tang Da Wu in 1988 at the rural Lorong Gambas in Sembawang district. He enabled like-minded artists to critically relook and examine existing assumptions, values and concepts of art-making in Singapore. TAV was known as the first art colony in Singapore, which empowered artists to explore radical ways and ideologies in creating art that is contextual to societal changes and state affairs in the late 1980s. Despite losing its base at Lorong Gambas due to urban development in 1990 and since then has been operating without a permanent space, TAV continued with its relentless efforts in presenting cutting-edge shows and striving to be at the forefront of Singapore contemporary art. Over the past two decades, members of TAV have been playing active roles in their contributions to the arts in Singapore through initiating and presenting exhibitions, residencies and exchange programmes, collaborative projects, workshops and performances on both local and international level.


Its objectives are to foster and develop an increased consciousness of the importance of the arts and their contribution to Singapore society. This to be achieved by engaging in active dialogue with the public through the production and exposition of works of art.


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